Russia and China are key players in ensuring the sustainability and development of the global global energy market. A representative team of BBQ Baikal Invest participants is starting its work and is ready to present proposals for Chinese companies in the Russian energy sector.

At the request of the Russian side, BBQ Baikal Invest is considering ways to solve the shortage of power capacitors, reactors, cable products, software logic controllers, capacitor plants to increase the power factor, passive and active harmonic filters.

The current situation is complicated as a result of sanctions bans, as well as EU structural problems caused by the destruction of logistics chains and shutdowns of enterprises in the EU for an indefinite period.



In this situation, BBQ Baikal Invest offers to use the capacities of specialized enterprises available in Russia to start joint production of segments of distribution and consumer networks of low medium and low voltage. First of all, the issues of low-voltage networks can be solved, on which practically all enterprises and infrastructure facilities of the country are actually built. At the same time, taking into account the priority given to the domestic product within the framework of purchases, a unique niche opens, organizations with maximum localization in the territory of the Russian Federation of the technological complex, which will include:

• production of domestic film and power capacitors (import to the territory of the Russian Federation according to the Federal Customs Service over 1 billion rubles /year, steadily growing demand);

• production of domestic software logic controllers (PLCs) focused on a wide range of production tasks (there is no production in the Russian Federation);

• production of domestic reactors, both for passive filters and decompensating ones (acute shortage);

• maximum localization of active harmonic filters as far as possible (there is no production in the Russian Federation);

• an on-site electrotechnical laboratory to conduct an audit of the situation at the production facilities (the subject is underdeveloped in the Russian Federation);

• design and engineering service and support and service (currently there is no such direction in the Russian Federation).

Thus, within the framework of one region of the country, in the implementation of a complex of production of related products, it is possible to capture a niche of turnkey solutions for enterprises and infrastructure facilities across the country, which was freed up after the final departure of Schneider Electric and Siemens companies from Russia.



Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq Muhammed Shia Al Sudani took part in the plenary session of the Russian Energy Week international forum.